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The Old Salmon Fish House is situated in Peterhead Scotland, at the estuary of the River Ugie, itself highly acclaimed for its excellent salmon & trout fishing. From here, our salmon is smoked, packed and distributed. Ugie Salmon Fishings, with meticulous care and constant supervision throughout the smoking process, now supply Scottish smoked salmon by mail order in the UK and throughout Europe.


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Ugie Salmon Fishings offer first class, locally caught wild Atlantic Salmon and Trout in season, and buy top quality farmerd Scottish Salmon and Trout for the remainder of the year

Hand-sliced to ensure presentation quality:

We have collected some smoked salmon recipes for you to try although our delicious smoked salmon products can also be enjoyed as they are, with the simplest of preparation. We have built up a loyal following for our products over the years due to our unique lightly smoked flavouring and high quality of preparation and presentation.


All of our smoked salmon is hand cut and prepared to ensure we consistently achieve the high expectations of our valued customers.

Your opportunity to sample our unique produce is just a mouse-click away. You can order our top quality Scottish smoked salmon products and pay by credit card with our secure online shop.






Although Scottish smoked Salmon is becoming available via mail order from more and more Gourmet Foods suppliers, here at Ugie Salmon, apart from the occasional seasonal trout, smoked Salmon is our only product. This allows us to concentrate on what we know best; we simply cannot be beaten for the consistent high quality of our Scottish smoked Salmon.

At Ugie Salmon, we source our own Salmon. In season, this is carried out in the most traditional and basic form; we go out in a boat and catch it! There is no surer way of knowing the source of your product than this. The Salmon are taken to our Peterhead premises, The Old Salmon Fish House, (which was built in 1585 on the banks of the River Ugie, itself one of the most prolific Trout and Salmon rivers in the North East of Scotland), where the fish are cleaned and prepared for our own unique Salmon smoking process. This preparation includes careful checking and de-boning at the hands of the owners of this traditional family run business. Our actual smoking methods are a closely guarded secret passed down from our fore-fathers and are crucial to the well-know and much-loved unique taste of Ugie Salmon's smoked Scottish Salmon!

With the ever growing popularity and demand for Gourmet Foods, Ugie Salmon are proud to be regarded so highly by suppliers and consumers of Gourmet Food throughout the UK and overseas. Our Scottish smoked Salmon can be found on the menu of many top Gourmet Food restaurants, a trend which is set to continue as the internet improves communication, information flow and the ease with which our Scottish smoked Salmon can be purchased.

We can guarantee that once you have sampled our traditionally smoked Scottish Salmon, you will understand its ever growing popularity. 


Buy smoked Salmon online; from 225g up to 8.5kg vacuum packed hand sliced Scottish smoked Salmon.

Fish house

History of The Old Salmon Fish House, built over four centuries ago and used by Salmon Fishermen for generations.

Certificate of origin

Each purchase comes complete with a Certificate Of Origin, which states that the Salmon was processed, smoked and packaged in Scotland's Oldest Salmon Fish House.

Salmon recipes

Selected smoked Salmon recipes:
Smoked Salmon Cream & Smoked Salmon Mouse


Directions to and photographs of The Old Salmon Fish House.


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